Wednesday, March 09, 2011


For the past 5 months or so, we have been taking improv classes. This all started with our friend Carla introducing us to improv whilst she was visiting earlier in the year. She had taken a class a long time ago whilst in the US and during the most recent visit she took another class and invited us to a performance. It was really fun and let me tell you we really had no idea how HARD improvising is! We took two series of classes, the first one was more games and the second went into long format improvising. I really liked the second series better. At the end of the second series (which makes it last monday) we had a small performance where we performed two types of long form improvisation: The harold (which pairs up two people and it's like flipping channels, we see a bit of scene 1 and then the second pair of people wipe the first pair off the stage and we see some of their scene etc. it wraps around. The second type was the montage which was a series of small scenes made up of random groups of any size.

In the harold, surprisingly A and I got paired up together but I must say we didn't do too bad (we have done a lot worst together)! The suggestion from the crowd was cupcakes and A used that and another suggestion from the crowd (robots) to create scene about me and him being robots trying to eradicate mankind by poisoning people with cupcakes :-P The second set I managed to use my pregnancy to good effect in one scene by pretending to be the pregnant mistress of some guy!

It was really a fun time and we all did a lot better than i expected. Now days A and I really appreciate any improv work!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Fight On!

Happy International Woman's Day!

Friday, March 04, 2011

Human planet

If you have a chance, watch this audio slideshow from BBC. Amazing photos and explanations of each photo.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Funny statuses (... or stati?)

Last night's facebook browse gave me these two gems of status updates from friends:

"I figured out why I'm fat! The shampoo I use in the shower that runs down my body says "For extra volume and body". I'm going to start using "Dawn" dishwashing soap. It says " Dissolves fat that is otherwise difficult to remove"."

‎"People who have more birthdays live longer"

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

well then!

well my attempts of regular blog updates started out well but crashed and burned the moment things turned busy at work. Be gentle with me since the last month has been crazy. At work I had this crazy project which I thought was ending at the end of Jan, so i thought ok great I will work and leave all my pregnancy classes etc for Feb and hope that the baby doesnt come early. Feb arrived, my deadlines were all met successfully and i got more deadlines! %-) I didn't work as hard as Jan, but still... man between work and pregnancy classes at least 2 nights a week and improv classes another night, by the time weekends arrived I was either exhausted or sick! :-)
Anyway so now Feb is gone and all my pregnancy classes are done. I am also on leave from work for the next 2.5 weeks waiting for the baby to make her appearance. There is now a tonne of work in the house that needs to be done. Poor baby wants a place to rest her hat, no? that's where i come in.
Of course this WOULD be where I come in if I wasn't procrastinating so much! :-) I did a marathon shopping session yesterday and today instead of fixing the house I decided I need to bake cookies!
I wanted to use my cookie press and so I made these chocolate press cookies. They were ok. alas I really should get to work. I will put up the recipe for the cookies and some photos. Maybe this blog can also chronicle my cooking adventures. And also my improv adventures. And all other stuff.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Push not kick

Today, Mini showed me her new trick... many times over! She can now push, instead of kick. I am telling you that's quite a difference and I much prefer the kick than the push. She had two favourite places, possibly where her two extremities are: the first is to my right side, almost below my ribs. The other is about 1.5 inches left of my belly button. On these two spots, Mini has pushed and pushed, for prolonged amounts of time. A couple of times, I decided to push her back to see what would happen. Well of course my pushing her, pushed her away from where she was so i was no longer lopsided but the cheeky girl then came back with a vengeance and pushed at the same spot again!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Domestic Zen

My friendship with lovely CD has had two definite benefits, both of which are of domestic nature.
The first is that I have started knitting. I remember I used to knit and crochet with my grandmother when I was kid. She was a tailor when younger and when we were younger a lot of our clothes were sewed or knitted or etc by my mother and grandmother. It was part necessity, part of pleasure but man, I look back at my clothes and am impressed!

My grandmother was also the best cook in the world. No exaggeration! :-) My mum does a pretty good job of following her goodness closely, however (and unfortunately) I have not been able to continue the line. But this is related to the second benefit of my friendship with CD. I have been baking a lot more!!
For Xmas we had a cookie baking session where I made Rosettes which is the same as shirini panjerei in Persian.
You simply need some rosette irons and a cooking thermometer.
I also learned how to use cookie press and (didn't make but ate) a whole bunch of yummy sugar cookies. Cookie presses make such goodlooking cookies! In fact both these cookies have a very high impress-effort ratio. Maximize that utility function and you are gold.

I was also introduced to chocolate crinkles which are easy and delicious. The other plus is that they look pretty good!

Lets end this post with a bit of philosophical soul searching. Since you bake cookies, why aren't they called bakies instead of cookies?
[I heard this from someone but I can't remember who so I can't give them their due credit.]

and the second gem which I attribute to Jessica B is that STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS.

Think about it.